Why Content Marketing is Like Building An Airplane

I’m building an airplane.

No – I don’t mean a little rubber-band wind-up airplane. And I don’t mean a little radio remote-controlled model.

I mean a real airplane.

The kind that I’m going to climb into and fly one day (I hope!). Thousands of feet above the earth. At 150 miles per hour.

And no, I don’t have a death wish.

Hundreds of little airplanes of the very type I’m building have been flying safely for many years. More than 30,000 homebuilt airplanes are currently registered with the FAA.

Is it a completely risk-free activity?

Of course not; not much worth doing in life (or in business) is completely risk-free. But statistically speaking, it’s not a dangerous activity either.

Can You Say: Delayed Gratification?

I’ve been working on this airplane for a looong time. I’ve been at it for so long that I’m going to save myself the embarrassment of telling you exactly how long.

But it’s quite a project, building an airplane. Thousands upon thousands of hours of work. And sometimes life gets in the way and throws you out of the saddle for a while.

But if I keep at it – keep joining part A to part B, keep driving a rivet here, torquing a nut there – eventually I’ll have a finished airplane occupying my hangar instead of a pile of parts.

It’s All About Perseverance

You’re probably not building an airplane. (If you are, drop me a line. I’d love to hear about it!).

You are building a business, though. And you’re using content marketing to help drive the process.

Just like building an airplane, using content marketing to help build your business can be a long-term project.

A blog post here, a case study there, a new whitepaper that builds your subscriber base, a Facebook post that gets you lots of likes – it happens one piece of content at a time. And over time, all of the parts coalesce into an impressive, high-flying marketing machine.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. And it takes perseverance and dedication to see the process through.

Right now, your content marketing machine might not be particularly impressive. It might even be as unremarkable as my forlorn pile of airplane parts sitting in a hanger on a little rural airport in East Texas.

But let’s both keep at our projects, nose to grindstone. Because for each of us – if we’ll only keep plugging away – the sky’s the limit.

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