Is Content Marketing Dying?

I read an interesting article today. The author argued that as more businesses jump into content marketing, the model becomes less and less effective.

That’s because people have only a limited amount of time, the author opined. They have only so much attention to give.

So only so much content can be consumed.

And since there’s more content available than ever before – case studies, blogs, whitepapers, social media postings, web pages, videos – a decreasing percentage of it will be consumed.

He’s right, of course. It’s all true.

There are more companies jumping into the content marketing game. There is more content than ever before. And only so much content can be consumed.

But therein lies the opportunity.

There’s Not Much Cream in the Virtual World

Most of the content tossed into the arena of competition is bad. Much of it is shockingly bad. Most likely, much of your competition’s content is pretty bad. And – sorry, but I’m going to be blunt – odds are good that some of your content is pretty bad.

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. You’ve experienced it for yourself firsthand, as a consumer.

After all, you’re a consumer of content; we all are. So you know that most of the content out there is dull and lifeless. It doesn’t engage the audience. It doesn’t understand the audience.

It just takes up space. It just provides a foundation for the cream to stand upon.

The Virtual Cream is Rising

Google (and other search engines) are becoming very good at floating the cream of content to the top. Their goal is to develop their artificial intelligence algorithms to the point where they judge content quality in the same way that a human mind would judge quality.

They aren’t there yet, but they’ve made astounding progress. The days of getting search engine attention by stuffing content with keywords is long past. Keyword-stuffed content has never passed the sniff test for humans. And the search engines now turn up their noses at such garbage as well.

But many businesses continue to make the mistake of writing content for search engines. You can jump ahead of them by writing content for your audience. Don’t worry about the search engines – they’re becoming increasingly adept at judging whether your content will please your audience. And that’s the standard they’re using to judge your content.

There’s Room At the Top

Though it’s currently branded as a hot new marketing trend, content marketing really isn’t new at all. It’s been around for a very long time.

But the technological tools used to deliver the content – that’s new. And your opportunity to instantly tap into a potential global audience of billions – that’s new, too. But lots of companies are blowing that astounding opportunity with content that displeases both humans and search engines.

So is content marketing dying? Only for companies that fail to recognize or accept the necessity of producing quality content.

And that leaves room at the top for your company.

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