Case Studies: The Oldest and Most Effective Advertising Medium Under the Sun

Storytelling. No other form of human communication is more effective.

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember hearing the story of Goldilocks And The Three Bears on your Mother’s knee? Or maybe you remember sitting around a campfire, all sticky-fingered from fire-toasted marshmallows, thrilling and chilling to the spooky ghost stories being told. Maybe you remember life lessons taught you by your parents telling stories from their own childhood.

Or maybe you were fortunate enough to have a teacher in school that was a gifted storyteller. Perhaps you had a history teacher who could breath life into dusty old historical facts by telling the story in a way that made you feel almost like you were there. Whatever stories that teacher told I’d be willing to bet you still remember to this day.

Though you remember fondly the stories told to you in your childhood, you haven’t lost your love of a good story. Nobody has. That’s why case studiesĀ are so effective.

A Feel-Good Story With a Happy Ending

Case studies tell the story of how your product or service made life better for a customer or client. It tells the story of the problem your customer faced, the pain the problem caused, and how your product or service fixed the problem and soothed your customer’s pain.

No other form of advertising is more effective, because nothing is quite as credible. After all, you can throw together a print ad, a brochure, or any other form of marketing copy proudly proclaiming the virtues of your product. But what could possibly be more believable than your customers saying those wonderful things about your product?

Through your case studies – all telling the stories of how your real-life customers have benefited from your product or service – prospective customers will be able to envision themselves benefiting in the very same way. And that’s what turns prospects into customers.

Though we pass much of our knowledge these days through books, videos, audio recordings and computer databases, for all of human history, storytelling has been the most effective form of communication.

And it still is.

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