About Me (Just in case you’re wondering…)

If you’ve visited my ‘about’ page to read about my degrees in English, then I guess this is a bit of an “Oops!” moment for both of us. You see, my degrees are in Computer Science. My comfort zone on campus was far removed from Liberal Arts territory!

I’ve been a computer programmer, a software QA engineer, a farmer, a fire patrol pilot, and other ‘things’ – but for most of my life, I have NOT been a professional writer.

(I can just hear you thinking: “Boy, this guy’s doing a really great job of selling himself…”)

But though my professional writing experience doesn’t quite span decades, I’m good at it. I have a knack for writing conversational, engaging copy. And the rich diversity of experience in both my professional and personal interests proves the spark of curiosity that’s an asset in learning and writing about your business.

I know that success is hard earned. No matter the level of success your business has achieved, you’ve worked hard for it. And I know that there’s lots of hard work ahead as you strive for continued success.

I’ll be happy to roll up my sleeves and pitch in, if you’ll do me the honor of inviting me.

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