The Marketing Opportunity of the Millennium: Content Marketing

A new age has dawned. It’s the age of content marketing. And it’s an age of unprecedented opportunity for your business.

Content marketing is nothing new. It’s been around for centuries.

But the reach of the World Wide Web has changed the game. Leveled the playing field. For the first time in history, businesses can directly engage thousands, even millions of targeted customers and prospects instantly, and at will.

It’s astounding, then, that many businesses are ignoring this priceless opportunity. Shrugging it off. Or perhaps even worse, they’re trying to avail themselves of the benefits of modern content marketing with astoundingly BAD content. (A real ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ scenario!)

I Can Help…

My name is Chris Delker, and I’m a freelance business writer based in Dallas, Texas. I help businesses by crafting marketing copy that gives a boost to their content marketing efforts. I create marketing tools such as:

    • Case Studies (Everyone loves a good story! Stories I’ve authored have been published in prestigious industry publications like Exploration & Production and Airport Business. Where would you like your story to be published?)
    • Web Pages (Is your business taking proper advantage of the greatest advertising opportunity in the history of the planet? If your web page copy isn’t tailor-made for the reading habits of web surfers, then the answer to that question is NO!)
    • Blog Posts (Increase your website ranking by regularly posting new quality content. Google loves that!)
    • E-Newsletters (Stay top-of-mind with your subscriber base by regularly sending them engaging, entertaining, useful information.)

Visit my samples page to view examples of these and other types of marketing copy. And then get in touch and let me know how I can help your business turn the unprecedented potential of modern content marketing into profit.

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