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I specialize in helping technology companies create effective lead generation collateral

I know why you’re here.

It’s because you need a blog post that engages and grows your audience. Or you need some marketing copy that provides a friendly but compelling nudge. Or perhaps you need a ghostwritten article that presents your thoughts in an elegant piece of prose.

Whatever your business writing needs, you’ve found a go-to resource. A writer that’s creative. Versatile. Rock-solid dependable.

You’ve also found the rarest of writers:

  • A talented, creative writer that ‘gets tech’
  • A writer that can communicate the benefits of your product or service in clear, conversational prose – not in bland and boring technospeak or disingenuous marketbabble
  • A writer that ALWAYS delivers clean copy ON TIME – without exception!

You Really Need A Writer That ‘Gets Tech’

Have you worked with writers that had that ‘deer-in-headlights’ look (or sound in their voice) as you attempted to describe your product to them?

Writers that wouldn’t know a bit from a byte?

As you may have learned from bitter experience, those writers cannot effectively communicate the benefits that your company offers. After all, even the most brilliant of writers can’t convey what they don’t understand.

Why I’m the Writer You Need…

I’m a little different from those tech-baffled writers you may have worked with in the past.

My education is in technology (A.A. Computer Science; B.S. Computer Information Systems). I’ve worked in the industry (nearly a decade at IBM as a software developer; ISTQB certified software tester).

I understand industry jargon such as SDLC. Agile software development. Relational databases and NoSQL databases. Regression testing. And I do know the difference between a bit and a byte.

Does all the above mean that I’ll instantly understand your product offering?

Of course not.

I’m constantly learning new things (part of the reason I love this work!). But I’ll catch on quickly to your product or service – my background proves that I have a knack for getting my head around technical concepts.

No deer-in-the-headlights look from this writer!

Tell Me About Your Project

One undenible truth about content marketing: It requires a steady influx of freshly created content to be successful.

You constantly have to feed the beast! It’s worth the effort, though. And that’s why you’re looking for some help.

So what’s your next project? What’s your meal plan for feeding the beast?

I’m guessing it’s very similar to the projects I’ve been involved with of late. Here are a few examples of my very recent work (at the time of this writing):

  • A ghostwritten blog post noting similarities between data migrations and whale migrations (how’s that for creativity?)
  • A ghostwritten white paper about problems facing the healthcare industry, and how data analytics can help providers survive and thrive
  • A series of customer success stories (case studies) for a business intelligence company
  • A series of ghostwritten articles for a company that provides real-time decision-making intelligence (published in journals such as Earth Imaging Journal, Government Technology, and Industrial Distribution)
  • A feature article (published under my own byline) for Teradata Magazine (Fail Fast, Succeed Quicker)
  • Web page copy (the entire website) for a company that provides cloud-based asset tracking services for the energy industry

Do you see some similarity in the above with your needs?

Let’s have a dialogue about how I might be able to help keep your content marketing beast sated, happy, and delivering a steady stream top-quality, pre-sold leads.

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